Eight top tips to transform Your Office Space

10 February 2017

Your office, the physical environment in which you spend the most part of your working days; but why do the majority of workers believe that this exact space is hindering their efficiency or productivity?

Ask your team members

Depending on the size of your team, an anonymous poll would be an effective way to gain a solid understanding of what the majority of your workers want from their work space and therefore by providing this, they are far more likely to produce more quantity of work at a far better quality.

The Cloud

Get rid of the clutter! There’s no need to keep hard copies of documents on-site, instead taking advantage of a cloud based IT system not only helps your business with easy access and more space, but the global environment as well.

Open Plan

Does your office have partitions and walls between co-workers? By removing these you are guaranteed to see a rise in social interaction and collaboration; inadvertently this provides a lighter and more spacious environment within the office, which is proven to have a positive correlation with improved thinking.

Be Different

You shouldn’t be afraid to refrain from the stereotypical values of an office with a standard ergonomic chair and wooden desk. Light and colour are such simple but powerful elements which can be manipulated to increase interaction levels and therefore the effectiveness of your business and operations.

Values are Key

The success of most businesses is due to a consistent outlook on their core-values, so remind your employees of them! How you ask? Put them on your office walls and even when they don’t know they’re looking at them, they are.


Split your open-concept with small cubes in the middle of the floor, this will allow space for private meetings but not move away from the spacious element of the office. This is a unique idea that is sure to impress your clients and workers as they can utilise this for web-ex/skype meetings.

Keep it fresh

It’s imperative to keep your office fresh, so why not add plants as décor? They look aesthetically pleasing and are sure to bring your office into the 21st century.

Shared areas

These could include anything from a conference room to a communal kitchen. Why not provide your employees with an opportunity to interact and meet with each other? This can be manipulated strategically to gain further collaboration and better relationships throughout the office.