Sage Micropay Professional for Bureau

Micropay Professional annual licence allows your business to quickly and accurately, process complex payrolls through automated batch processing and provides detailed reporting capabilities.

2-Tiered Cost Analysis

Time allocation to multiple departments and cost centres

  • Understand the cost of employees over a range of areas
  • Cost employees within a payroll period to multiple costing areas
  • Allocate percentage basis over the required costing areas e.g. 50% of Salary costed to Galway & 50% to Cork
  • Print Cost Analysis Report to paper, eMail, Excel, PDF

Custom Reports

In addition to the pre-defined payroll reports, edit/design reports to suit your business.

  • Built in report writer to customise reports for your business
  • Reports can be created on any element of within the tax year for easy comparison to previous time periods.
  • Export reports to print, PDF, eMail or Microsoft Excel
  • Print or email payslips. Can also publish online (optional)

Timesheet Import

Import hours and values from spreadsheets or clocking systems.

  • Save time retyping information
  • Import from most clock-in card systems
  • Collect payroll detail from clients/managers in formatted spreadsheets for easy import

ROS Compatibility

Import P2C files. Submit P45, P45 Part 3, P30 & P35

  • Monthly P30 submitted instantaneously.
  • Yearly P35 information uploaded immediately.
  • P2C’s downloaded to MegaPay
  • P45 Part 1’s filed online
  • P45 Part 3’s filed online


Set formula based payments and deductions to calculate wages

  • Automatically calculate special payments and deductions such as complex bonuses and pensions.
  • Formulaes including established payments and deductions, can use the standard amount or entered amount in the formula
  • Use of If Statements supported. For easy calculation where a range of information needs to be assessed e.g. if salary in band 1 between x-y; pay cut/raise x%

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