Sage Accounts Production

For Accountants working in Practice, Sage Accounts Production helps prepare and submit legislatively compliant draft and final year-end accounts.

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Streamline integration with clients

Transfer client information from Sage or other accounting software packages used by your clients and export the adjustments back.

  • Save time
  • Less re-keying of data
  • Last-minute changes will immediately update all financial statements and associated schedules
  • Build better client relationships

Scalable to your needs

Sage Accounts Production can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your practice, so you can be confident it will work for you now and in the future.

  • Saves costs in the short and long term
  • Grows with you over time
  • Less future upheaval
  • No limit on the number of clients or users

Remain compliant with legislation

As market leaders in compliance, you can trust your Sage software will be fully compliant and will work with all standard setters.

  • Provides Auto Updates so you can receive application enhancements and stay compliant
  • Saves you money, time and hassle
  • Allows you to concentrate on offering value to your clients
  • Fully updated legislation in line with the new Companies Act 2014 and FRS 102 standard
  • E-File Form B1 directly to CRO from the application


  • iXBRL compliant since 2011 and fully supports Revenue's iXBRL requirements
  • We’ve spent 5 years refining our iXBRL solutions to tag to the highest standard
  • Educates you in what is really happening behind the scenes with the iXBRL tags
  • Our customers have faith in our iXBRL tagging: you can see all the information the Revenue see in the tagging report
  • Automatically tags the accounts and provides an assisted solution to complete tagging for any customised content

Reporting tailored to your clients' needs

Easy-to-use editing and formatting tool allows you to change the presentation of the accounts simply and effectively.

  • Sage Accounts Production is the market leading solution for Irish accountants. You can customise the presentation of your accounts in line with either client, partner or practice preferences
  • Customise reports in the format you require
  • Easy to use with simple spreadsheet-based formatting techniques
  • Save time
  • Build better relationships with your clients

Simple to use data-entry and easy editing

Fresh data can be entered quickly into a record and previously posted data can be edited with ease.

  • Last-minute changes will immediately update all statements, schedules, reports and documents
  • Straightforward to use

What's coming next?

The reporting requirements are changing and we’re working with the regulatory bodies to ensure our customers are prepared for the changes, such as Companies Act 2014, iXBRL Phase 3 and the new FRS 102 / FRS 102 1A / FRS 105 standards.

Sage Accounts Production is already the most powerful accounts production software available in Ireland. Later this year we will be releasing FRS 102 1A and FRS 105 for Irish companies and will continue to further enhance the application based on customer feedback through the Voice of the Customer Programme.

Note: Ireland has not yet transposed the EU Directive, so FRS 105 and the July 2015 amendments to FRS 102 for small companies (FRS 102 1A), are not yet available for use by Irish entities which is applicable for accounting periods beginning on or after 01 January 2016. Irish legislation is expected in the autumn.

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