Sage One for your Clients

Introducing Sage One, the affordable, online accounts and payroll solution for small Irish businesses. It’s safe, secure and easy to use and your clients don’t need any accounting experience to get started.

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Sage One Start

Sage One Start is perfect for start-ups, sole traders, freelancers and entrepreneurs, helping them track their income and expenditure. As their accountant, you log in and access the same information, so you can work more effectively together.

What can Sage One Start do?

  • New! - Sales Invoices
    Sage One Start, now includes the ability to raise sales invoices. It’s quick and easy for clients to create professional looking invoices which can then either be printed or emailed direct to customers. And it’s easy to track invoices that are overdue with added reporting.

    Clients can also record payments against outstanding invoices and raise credit notes to record any refunds.
  • Automatic Bank Feeds
    Save your clients time with free, secure automatic bank feeds that give them an accurate and up to date view of finances without the need to manually add figures or download data.
  • Submit VAT returns online
    Sage One supports all major VAT schemes and makes completing VAT returns really quick and straightforward.
  • Store contacts
    Keep all of your customer, supplier client's information in one place.

Sage One Accounting

Work on client's data in real time

  • Having your client's data online with Sage One makes collaboration effortless.

New! - Sage One Intelligence Reporting Cloud

  • Sage One Accounting now has a powerful new tool. Intelligence reporting gives you and your clients the functionality to access financial reports, customise these reports or even create new reports from scratch. There’s two options to create new reports through the Online Report Designer and in Excel with the Excel Report Designer. Find out more

Quickly import your data

  • You can quickly add your client's contacts, products and services to Sage One using the data import wizard.

Easily produce VAT returns

  • Sage One supports all major VAT schemes and completing your VAT return is really quick and straightforward.

Keep track of your customers and suppliers

  • You can produce a statement of activity against your clients, customers and suppliers showing any payments that are outstanding; you can email them direct and if it’s someone your client does regular business with, Sage One can send them automatically.

See at a glance how your client's business is performing

  • In the Summary screen, quickly view client's sales, expenses and profit for the month and year to date. If they’re VAT registered, Sage One will also tell you how many days are left before their VAT period ends.
  • Utilise the powerful reporting tools to further analyse a client's financial performance.

Manage payments across borders

  • Easily process payments in and out of your client's business across multiple currencies. Up to date exchange rates are provided in real time and all exchange differences are calculated automatically when processing invoices.

Connect your bank

  • Get a real time view of your client’s accounts with Automatic Bank Feeds. Linking their online accounts to Sage One automates the import of transactions removing the need for manual entry.

Faster and Easier Bank Reconciliation

  • To help speed up bank reconciliation, you can import business banking statements and automatically match them up with your accounts information. We make it as simple as possible, it’s step-by-step and straightforward. Just get your high street bank statement and get going.

Manage multiple users with controlled access

  • As your client's business grows, you may realise you can’t do everything but still want to maintain control. Sage One Accounting opens up business accounts to multiple users, while offering control over exactly what each person can see and do.

Sage One Payroll

Quick, easy and worry-free online payroll

  • Run your own payroll, even if you’ve never done it before
  • Easily manage up to 5, 10, 15 or 25 employees

Unlimited transactions

  • We put no restrictions on the amount of transactions you can complete in your Sage One software each month

Simplified Payroll Year End

  • Sage One Helps make PYE reporting effortless

Simple to use

  • No need for training

Produce and print payslips

  • No need for special payroll stationery

Already using payroll software?

  • It’s easy to switch to Sage One Payroll at any time of the year
  • Enter your opening balances if you’re starting mid way through a payroll year
  • We’ll show you how to get started and do your first pay run, send payslips and finalise your payroll year end.

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