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Sage Personal Tax Pro is designed, supported and tested by Chartered Tax Advisors, providing Tax Practitioners with the highest quality and most comprehensive tax software on the market.

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Comply with legislation

Our software is designed to keep you up to date with legislative changes.

  • Ensures compliant calculations and returns can be prepared and accurately filed online.
  • Save the user time and effort.
  • Software updates received when legislation changes.
  • Modular software extends to prepare partnership returns and Form 46G.
  • Revenue approved Form 12, this can be printed and posted directly to Revenue.
  • Software includes Form 11 - electronic and paper version Form RR1 - paper version, Form 12 - paper version, Form rent 1 - paper version, Form Med 1 - paper version, Form 1 Firms - electronic version, Form 46G - electronic version.

Peace of Mind

Our software helps you get it right!

  • You have an independent computation designed, developed and tested by qualified Chartered Tax Advisors.
  • You have the ability to compare this computation with Revenues from within TaxPro.
  • You have a comparative year computation, comparative TaxPro V Ros computation and detailed PRSI.
  • Effective rate calculation, USC and relief calculation schedules.

File online

  • Our software allows you to file returns online, saving time and enabling you to get instant acknowledgement.

Better integration

Save time rekeying information and transfer the data you need.

  • Integrates with other Sage products to deliver a single client list and launch point for Sage Taxation.
  • Minimise cost of re-keying accounts data.
  • Incorporate Standard Accounting Information from Sage accounts production software.
  • Maintain s single client list across all Sage Practice Suite products.

Award-winning support

We can offer you a range of support options, so you can offer your clients the best service.

  • Easy access to Chartered Tax Advisors support, by phone and email.
  • Extended support hours at key filing times in the year.
  • Year-end process planning advice provided.

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